Dorothy Spence

Purpose Led Business CEO

My story is one of “been there and done that”. I want to share with you my joyful journey from being an energy disaster to an energy master and the stops along the way. I have been fortunate in my life to have been exposed to and studied many distinct professions: from the logical and analytical training of engineering and business, to the energetic and spiritual world of yoga. It is by weaving the learning and wisdom of these worlds that I have created the systems and structures for building Purpose Led Businesses from the inside out.

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Kath Perry

Facilitator of Flow

Kath leads all things operational for the Purpose Led Business School programs. She excitedly brings her considerable entrepreneurial and corporate experience as well as her passion for all things small to medium business to this work.  


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Laura Spence

After completing her post-graduate studies in Public Relations, Laura spent some time overseas, before founding HYPRBLY, a boutique branding business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Big time coffee drinker, abstract painter and story lover (especially known for hyperboles).  Once rode her bicycle from Canada to Mexico, just because.