building an asset based business

April 19th + 20th // WOODEN MONKEY, DARTMOUTH

The magic in business comes from doing something so natural to you, you don't even see it as something special.

April 19 - 20  |  Wooden Monkey Dartmouth



Eventually, your business starts to behave the same way, doing something very natural to its essence. This essence provides an opportunity to understand the assets in your business that are not on your financial statement.  How can you leverage them into much greater value? We thought you'd never ask!


The magic in purpose led businesses comes from the founders doing something that’s so natural to them that they don’t even see it as something special. Eventually their business starts to behave the same way, doing something very natural to its essence. This essence provides an opportunity to understand the assets in the business that are typically not on financial statements and are off balance sheet. What a lot of purpose led business founders fail to recognize however is how they can leverage these assets to create the magnetic attraction of aligned clients. 


In this module, the founders will clarify the core asset in their business and identify how to focus and expand their business model from that foundation. The expansion of the business model to include a revenue system will include positioning and product. 


The founders will:

  • Learn the difference between building an income or asset based business 
  • Learn about the factors that discount and create value in their business and the concept and phases of building assets
  • Learn how to implement the Profit First money systems that are designed especially for entrepreneurs to help them overcome the typical behaviours that stop them from growing and investing in their business
  • Understand the five stages of business growth and evaluate where the business currently is using the stages model. 
  • Learn about the concept of “core asset” in their business that provides the leverage for growing an asset and equity based business rather than the traditional income based business and why this provides more leverage.
  • Learn about how businesses grow in jumps and the difference between being purpose led and sales led.
  • Develop the positioning and product strategy for the business.


Outcomes Include

  • Understanding of the stage of business growth.
  • Understanding the way that business creates value and factors that discount the value of a business.
  • Defining the vision of the size, scale and level of assets being built in the business
  • Implementing Profit First systems and structures.
  • Understand and clarifying the brand.
  • Building a product strategy.
  • Defining your enough number and the revenue requirements of the business using the Profit First system.
  • Defining the positioning of the business.



We know you're a busy bee, which is why we've rolled out the Purpose Led Business School in a way that allows you to step away from your hectic schedule and focus on building a better business from the inside, out.  The School is a 5 module training program that can be done bit by bit if commitment isn't your thing.  


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