Have you been stuck at the same level in your business for a while? Do you want to quickly and easily increase revenue? Need specific help to know what the next best steps are from here?

This isn’t for everyone. 

This program is for people who’re invested in growing their business and who are ready to get on the fast track to scaling impact.


What is growthack?

In this half day session, you’ll explore specific areas of your business that directly impact the speed and level of growth your business is experiencing.  

You’ll get in-person, one-on-one coaching to:

  • Uncover key insights around your business based on specific indicators.
  • Gain clarity around stuck points that may be derailing your progress.
  • Get 3 step-by-step strategies that will jump start your business.
  • Learn specific formulas that will make choices like investment, hiring and product architecture simple as pie.

what will this do?

One-on-one coaching allows you to get to know the Purpose Led Business philosophy while accessing specific strategies that will immediately increase revenues, free up time and help you get clarity around the purpose of your business.

Basically, it gets you from where you are to where you want to


Who does this work for?

The program is great for you if you're looking for a way to see immediate, measurable results.  You'll get the chance to work on the business for a half-day before making the choice to invest further.  If you're happy with the results, We will apply the cost of the session to your school tuition.