Growth can be a scary and exciting time for businesses.  It's full of choices around the pace, how not to implode under fast growth and how to keep the energy aligned during growth.  What if you knew the formula to choosing your growth path?

In two days, you'll learn how to build the appropriate infrastructure system for your business, that includes accurately evaluating capacity, identifying the right person for the right job and ensuring the behaviour of self-responsibility.

In this two day module, participants will learn how to build the appropriate business infrastructure system for their businesses that includes:

  • Understanding resource allocation based on the operational area of the business to ensure growth and eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Accurately evaluating capacity and understanding the difference between platform and growth stages of the business.
  • Understanding the difference between "filling the cup" and building a bigger cup using the Shirlaws capacity model.
  • Understanding how to create a commercial map for the business using the Shirlaws capacity framework.
  • Understanding the six growth strategies for building a bigger cup.
  • Understanding the importance of focusing on platform or growth phases of the business.
  • Understanding the concept of run rate and capacity planning and how to choose the run rate depending on the desired feelings in the business.
  • Identifying the right person for the right job based on functionality and the concept of multiple functions for a singe role.
  • Understanding the difference between being functionally responsible for an area of the business and "doing" the function.
  • Understanding how to embed self-responsibility into the functionality and culture of the business.


  • Build a detailed functional chart for all areas of the business and identify the lead and support roles.
  • Understand how to build the capacity model for the business.
  • Choose the run rate for the business.
  • Understand whether they are in a platform or growth stage of the business.
  • Understand the connection between stages and the recommended resource allocation depending on their stage of business growth.
  • How to choose two or three top growth strategies.
  • How to train their staff on self-responsibility and functionality.


Key direct effects on the business: cost reduction from human capital efficiencies resulting in increased margins and ROI, effective growth in revenue and ROI