energy alignment


To build and grow a purpose led business from the inside out, the founders need a solid understanding of their personal purpose and values, and this must form the core of their business. As the business grows, this core becomes the magnet to attract other like-minded people who have beliefs that are aligned to both the founder and their business.

However, as the team grows, it can become less clear when alignment is present. This can lead to blocks in success of the business. The founder needs to communicate their vision and the businesses purpose and values effectively to work through these blocks.  In this two day session, the business founders will develop clarity about their personal purpose and learn how to create alignment and leverage between their personal and business purposes.



Achieving a formal understanding of importance of alignment between personal and business values, where those are not currently aligned and how those are resulting in blocks in the business. 


You'll create clarity about your personal purpose and how to create alignment and leverage with the businesses purpose. 


Personal Alignment

  • Uncovering your purpose is the first step in creating a meaningful business and life.  Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the age old question: what is my lifes purpose?
  •  Get clear about what beliefs might be getting in your way, specifically around not enough.  
  • Take a deep dive into why you might be creating resistance in your business and how it shows up.
  • What level of consciousness are you working at both in your life and in your business? Find out.
  • Determine your core values and find out how that affects decision making in your business.