Who is Dorothy

Dorothy is a visionary business leader, author, connector and spiritual practitioner. She has developed the energy and curriculum of the Purpose Led Business School from a combination of everything she’s learned in her time as a corporate and entrepreneurial leader, her extensive executive and business coaching experience, and her deep dive study into the spiritual practice of yoga.

Why This

You probably have been working your butt off to find the time to work on your business. It can be a challenge to make time to do this when we're always working in it.  What has worked for you in the past probably won't when the dynamics change.  

For example, if you've got more staff joining your growing biz, you may find the way you spend your time is different.  Less time doing and more time delegating.  This may create a whole new list of things to manage and plan.

The GrowtHack program is an answer to this.  You'll get focused time to work one-on-one with a pro who can lay out specific strategies that are completely crafted to your needs based on Key Indicators that are reflected in things like your revenue, leadership capability and desired outcomes.

  • Get 3 easy to implement (but extremely useful) strategies that will get you un-stuck.
  • Focus on meeting your goals that are specific to how you want to feel in your business and the main outcomes that will support you.
  • Learn what gaps are showing up in the core functions of your business and what to do about it.

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