CULTURe inside,OUT.

The challenge many business have with the concept of culture is how to make something so seemingly ethereal into a tangible asset system in the business. In a purpose led business the secret ingredient and key asset is people and the supporting systems.

In this two day module, the founders will learn about:

  • Building culture as a strategic asset as the foundation for increasing the value in the business.
  • How to measure culture and cultural health.
  • Identifying the three core values of the business.
  • How to create behavioural agreements and the importance of the engagement process with their staff.
  • How to make conscious choices in the business based on the desired culture and the impact on business models and structure.
  • How to define and identify the “collective capability” of the management team.
  • The difference between the old and the new paradigm in business and how to shift the perspectives between the two.
  • How to integrate purpose and values into the position of the business in the market to create “brand culture”.

This work will allow the founders to integrate their personal, business and therefore brand values into the business while effectively expressing their culture externally in order to attract the right customers and partners.

  • A solid architecture for building an asset based culture system in the business.
  • Experience in shifting the perspective from fear to trust.
  • Establish a clear context for the business and their team, including behavioural agreements.
  • An understanding of why to integrate positioning into the culture to create brand culture.
  • Learn how to shift perspective and energy in the business.


Key direct effects on the business: increased customer attraction and retention, and employee engagement.